The Transition of Mali by Mali Music — A ‘Quickie’ album review

So it’s been long coming I wanted to leave my thoughts on this 2017 sophomore album by American artiste Mali Music, titled “The Transition Of Mali”.

The talented Mali sees himself as a vessel ready to be used at God’s beckon.

About what “The Transition Of Mali” is about, speaking to Parle Magazine, he says the transition is that nagging force we all deal with, which if we can all embrace will be of help to us. In one word Mali describes the transition as the ‘truth’.

The Transition Of Mali shows Mali in some breathtaking harmonious light sharing his dexterous voice with the world.

He has been said to be somewhat of a Gospel artist, well one thing is sure, he isn’t the traditional kind. The album in question does not stray away from the tents of his faith — it anchors essentially on love, faith, trust and how it relates to the reality of life as we know it.

Mali goes the way of storytelling to spread his message, real-life relatable stories, ‘Sit down for this’ on the album, is a typical nerve-wracking song laden with heavy emotions.

In ‘Loved by you’, Mali Music makes one of the finest romantic love songs featuring Jazmine Sullivan.

Mali takes on us a heartbreak ride in ‘I will’ where he talks about a love interest who wasn’t meant to be. Something about heartbreak songs that we can’t get enough of (Taylor Swift is to blame), perhaps it’s more relatable to those who have gone through an actual heartbreak but I dare to say even those in blissful relationships would fall helplessly in love with such music, especially when everything from production to songwriting and vocal rendition is top-notch.

The Transition of Mali, a 12-track album is more than the words on this ‘quickie’ review. You’d have to listen intently to grasp the solid impact it can have on you. It’s a keeper of an album! I’m stuck between tracks 3, 9 and 11 as my favourites on the LP.

I ‘bow out’ (Pun not intended).



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