Money Heist — What’s not to love about this TV show

I had always been stumbling on the Twitter trends and Whatsapp statuses of peeps raving about Money Heist but being preoccupied with other things that call for one’s attention, I paid little attention to the ‘noise’. However, deep down in my subconscious thoughts, I knew the buzz around the series wasn’t overhyped.

Fast forward to the day I’d be attending my nephew’s 2nd year birthday, his dad ended up ‘blessing’ me with such a gem of a TV show.

Money heist encompasses everything a good movie and tv show is meant to give — it’s as entertaining as it is also educational. Oh don’t get me started on The storytelling, costume, great casts and the beautiful Spanish music rightly plugged in at different moments in the show (Shout out to the music supervisor).

The badass costume worn by the Money Heist gang and their hostages (Photo: Netflix)

What makes Money heist amazing is how it makes the apparently ‘bad guys’ feel like the good guys and the supposedly ‘good guys’ look like the bad ones.

There is not one character you won’t fall for on either side of the divide. The acting is that sublime. This TV show will get you all interested in Spanish culture — its language, and music particularly.

The story conceptualization is almost too good to be true — speaking of the details that went into the planning of the first and second heists, it’s simply mind-blowing.

Witty humour is sprinkled across many scenes of the movie- Imagine that — right in the middle of a heist, the ‘Professor’ who is the mastermind of the heist manages to infuse a good sense of humour as he negotiates with the cops.

The Professor (Credit: Netflix)

And I love how the show touches on real-life situations — as it should be — giving the viewers an idea of what goes on in the political world, paints a picture of the length at which the high and mighty in power go to protect ‘dirty secrets’ that mustn’t be exposed at all cost. And it’s not just in Spain but countries across the world.

In between all the entertainment and intrigue, the film is equally as educative as it can be.

Money heist takes you to emotional heights, gets you falling in love with the characters. I for one have a crush for ‘Lisbon’ the ‘cop gone rogue’ who joined the Professor and the rest of the heist team, not only did she join she fell head over heels in love with the ‘Professor’.

And oh if you’re wondering how the lady bears a city name, I would say it’s a joker strategic move by the producers of the TV show to assign names of cities across continents to the heist team members — that helps to capture a large scope of an international audience — with names like Tokyo, Lisbon, Nairobi. That’s 3 continents right there!

Left to Right: Stockholm, Nairobi, Tokyo and Lisbon (BTS Photos) (Credit: itziarituno/Instagram)

Then of course there was also the move to draw in the LGBT community in the story plot by weaving stories of some of the main characters into the show, though that’s a given these days in Hollywood.

One more beautiful thing about Money Heist is how there’s not just one stand- out performer or leading protagonist, as many of the casts hold their own well, so it’s hard to say this one or that one is the lead actor or the supporting actor. Safe to say there are many ‘lead actors’ in the award-winning show.

This is one of those kinda series you do not want to see end, but as with all great things, an end always awaits.

It’ll be interesting to see how the director and other stakeholders bring to a climax such an unbelievable TV Show.

Whichever way it does, it’s been awesome!

Update: Oh my days, what a way to end this surreal TV blockbuster. Couldn’t have asked for a more befitting end, except that maybe Nairobi, Tokyo and the others lived. I suppose it had to be a case of NO PAIN NO GAIN.

What a show Money Heist is. It’s definitely on the level of classics I put the likes of Game of Thrones, Desperate Housewives, How I met your mother, Friends, and Breaking Bad to name a few.

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