Awesome Dentals [A copywriting sample]

Making you want to dash straight to your dentist’s office

So you know how you meet that babe that ticks all the right boxes you have listed — smart, funny, sexy, tall, pretty….. You are beyond excited cos you’ve finally met her — The One! Except maybe not, she’s got that dentition which doesn’t sit well with you — yellowing coloration off her teeth.

You sigh. You can’t imagine kissing through that in the name of love. You’re sad because that’s a deal-breaker for you. Now it’s back to square one with finding your ‘Cinderella’.

Hold on a second there, it doesn’t have to be all gloomy and starting over again. Be ready to put a smile back on that face because AWESOME DENTALS is your ‘Mr Fix It’ to the rescue.

At Awesome Dentals, you can rest assure all your dental related worries — bad breath, yellow teeth, cavity issues and so on becomes ancient history.

So you can politely find a way around introducing that dream lady to Awesome Dentals.

Don’t take our word for it, here are some wonderful testimonials from past customers that will do well to convince you.

At Awesome Dentals, you not only become a happy customer but a passionate advocate for us.

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