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#YouShouldBumpThis brings you triple threat music combo (implying three best records) from an indisputable British-Nigerian talent known as Moelogo. Without further ado…here we go:

Moelogo — Do You Love Me

Moelogo shares that fairytale love type of story in this tune. An upbeat and catchy song produced by the super skilled Maleek Berry who also lends his unique melodious voice to the jam. When you hear the beat, you just know it’s a signature Maleek Berry production — If you are a Maleek Berry fan that is.

Moelogo — Shine your light

You can’t help but get all spiritual with this lovely rendition from Moelogo. ‘Shine your light’ gets…

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So it’s been long coming I wanted to leave my thoughts on this 2017 sophomore album by American artiste Mali Music, titled “The Transition Of Mali”.

The talented Mali sees himself as a vessel ready to be used at God’s beckon.

About what “The Transition Of Mali” is about, speaking to Parle Magazine, he says the transition is that nagging force we all deal with, which if we can all embrace will be of help to us. In one word Mali describes the transition as the ‘truth’.

The Transition Of Mali shows Mali in some breathtaking harmonious light sharing his…

Ric Hassani’s “The Prince I Became” album art

I’m so happy for Ric and how far he has come since his ‘The African Gentleman’[TAG] debut album.

Ric Hassani came into the scene with that unique sound, aptly embodying the African gentleman he claimed to be, in his music and lifestyle.

And though The ‘Only you’ crooner has come across to many as a R&B smooth operator with his plethora of love songs, so much that he was quickly put in the ‘slow romantic music box’, Ric has undoubtedly proved he has more up his sleeves than just the slow tempo sound, proving his versatility in TAG.

’ With…

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It’s been a roller coaster year in many ways. But we must look on the brighter side, staying thankful for the life we do have amidst the pain 2020 has brought.

‘Tis the season to be jolly: Christmas, known for merriment, sober reflections, and giving.

Most folks are probably cracking their heads on what to gift loved ones this season — thinking of something fresh and far from the usual.

Have you heard of the concept of gift cards, also called gift vouchers?

How Gift card works in a nutshell

Gift cards have different monetary values attached to them. Vendors…

Nigerians love their roadside food; Firewood Jollof rice, Amala and Gbegbiri with ‘roundabout’ (the name for a type of meat), fufu and ewedu with ‘eja kika’ ( a type of smoked fish), etc I can go on and on.

Nigerians love their local delicacies (Photo source:

Canteens or ‘mama put’ (local parlance for low-grade eateries) have a field day with students, artisans and even white-collar workers flocking in left, right and center. There is just something about the local food that keeps the average Nigerian coming back even when more prestigious options can be afforded. …

Making you want to dash straight to your dentist’s office

So you know how you meet that babe that ticks all the right boxes you have listed — smart, funny, sexy, tall, pretty….. You are beyond excited cos you’ve finally met her — The One! Except maybe not, she’s got that dentition which doesn’t sit well with you — yellowing coloration off her teeth.

You sigh. You can’t imagine kissing through that in the name of love. You’re sad because that’s a deal-breaker for you. Now it’s back to square one with finding your ‘Cinderella’.

Hold on a second there…

The art and science coming together magically

Copywriting is not for the lazy.

It is a creative art and science that requires a lot of mental exercise to get it right, though some copies may look like a piece of cake producing it.

Living comfortably in the city should not have to be a luxury

Housing in Nigeria as of today is a major headache for the average guy out there. There are so many problematic areas.

Social housing is next to zero. Mortgaged properties are practically non-existent and out of reach from the common man.

Landlords are steady collecting annual rent, knowing well that most people are not paid annually, which makes it very difficult to cough out the rent (and other associated fees) conveniently.

When I discussed this rent wahala with my colleagues — why Nigerian landlords are this rigid with…

Imagine a life where your concentration at work doesn’t have to be divided because you know grandma would have someone to guide her when taking a stroll to visit a friend in the neighborhood.

Picture a scenario where you are not worried about your grandpa wanting to attend a wedding of an old friend’s grandson because there is a trusted person to accompany him.

You are at peace because there is trained personnel to take them to their doctor’s appointment or help remind them to take their prescribed medications as at when due.

I write this with some regret and…

Health Maintenance Organizations better known as HMOs are generally accessible by full-time Nigerian employees in corporate organizations, leaving out groups such as contract workers, interns as well as the informal work groups such as market women, artisans and other solo businessmen and women.

Not having a health insurance plan can lead to heavy health cost implications if you are to come down with critical illness or injury due to accident. Even that money you are putting aside as emergency savings can be swallowed up all at once with heavy medical bills. …

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