5 anomalies we see happen in Lagos that need to stop

Drivers collecting transport fare money while driving

Illustrative photo (Source: Connect Nigeria)

I witness this every other day I am onboard a commercial vehicle. The driver won’t collect the transport fares from passengers before moving, he would rather wait till he has driven some considerable distance before beginning to ask for his money. “Your money line by line” you will hear them say, this is dangerous and unprofessional. As a driver, you are responsible for the lives of passengers on board your vehicle. Dealing with money while driving is an avoidable risk you shouldn’t be taking. It’s not a question of being a good multitasker, that’s dangerous and unwise driving behavior.

Lawma officials sweeping dirt and dust by the roadside not mindful of passersby

Illustrative photo of a LAWMA officer on duty (Source: Ripples Nigeria)

I know I’m not the only one who feels very offended by the way waste management officers sweep dust into the air in the name of keeping the environment tidy.

You are not only causing potential damage to your respiratory health but also to others as well. It is wrong. Someone can be allergic to dust — imagine the danger such an act poses to an asthmatic patient could be plying that road. I advise that these workers apply some water before sweeping clean a dusty ground. That way dust doesn’t gather up in the air and pose avoidable danger to everyone.

Careless dumping of waste while onboard a vehicle or walking on the road

Illustrative photo: Source (Guardian Nigeria)

Don’t be surprised people guilty of this uncivil act are the first to complain about flooding and blocked drainages in the city. Please resist the urge to throw waste bottles, wrappers, and the likes after you are done eating — that’s being responsible and decent.

You should put the item in your bag or your pocket till you get to where you can properly dispose of it. Don’t say it’s the work of LAWMA to clean up the mess you throw out, that’s wrong.

Indiscriminate polluting of the air by vehicles that have no business being on the road

Illustrative photo of vehicle pollution (Source: Guardian Nigeria)

This is another air pollution disaster no one seems to care about. We freely inhale these toxic fumes that appear harmless, not knowing the dangers they can cause in the long run. Both commercial and private vehicle owners are guilty of this. It’s rather unfortunate that the environmental enforcement body that should look into this is sleeping on the matter. As a vehicle owner, you should ensure your exhaust is not emitting dangerous fumes that are hazardous to the environment. Consider road users that may have one respiratory illness like asthma who will not find the polluted air safe. And even those who do not suffer from asthma or any other respiratory disease should not be inhaling such so they don’t come down with air-borne diseases like asthma in the long run.

The miscreants that appear from nowhere extorting drivers and conductors of their hard-earned money

Illustrative photo: A bus conductor and an agbero engaged in an aggressive tussle over payments, in Sabo [Anthony Obayomi/Al Jazeera]

Lagosians that board commercial vehicles, particularly on the mainland appear to have resigned to fate as they witness this broad daylight robbery going on but it all seems to be like a helpless situation. Drivers and their conductors also appear helpless. The government that should sanitize the transport sector in this regard also seems to be turning a blind eye to the situation. I will be honest that I don’t know the details behind most of these dues the drivers are under obligation to pay but I am betting most of these ‘dues’ are not accounted for by those who go about obtaining them. A lot of illegalities are going on in that space for sure that need to stop. The manner thugs go about collecting the ‘dues’ from vehicle owners leaves much to be desired.

What other irritating and abnormal things do you see happen every other day in the city of Lagos? Share with us in the comment section.



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